These new BEAUTY ANGEL red light therapy cosmetics from Ergoline represent a 3-step system for pure beauty – EFFECT activator spray, REPLENISH moisturizer and FOCUS facial treatment.

Made with natural ingredients and exotic botanicals, they are designed specifically to enhance the results from the BEAUTY ANGEL’S red light therapy and boost collagen production while inhibiting cellulite. When used regularly, these cosmetics soothe, condition, rejuvenate and restore the skin‘s natural elasticity and glow.

Applied Before Treatment

InterCellular Collagen Stimulator with IsoSlim®: for use before red light therapy sessions, this soothing activator spray will trigger inner cellular layers of collagen production when used in conjunction with the BEAUTY ANGEL’S red light therapy. The spray is uniquely formulated for immediate deep penetration with fast-acting results.

Applied Daily

Pure Aloe Infused Moisturizer with Isoslim®: apply this deep penetrating moisturizer, with an amino acid rich formula, daily between sessions of red light therapy. It’s specialized to help build and restore your skin‘s natural elasticity, shine and smoothness.
Applied Daily

Age Defying Vita-Complex with Ameliox™: intensely designed, daily facial treatment combats the body’s natural aging process of thinning skin. This fortified serum delivers a proprietary blend of rich nutrients to help trigger the cellular levels of collagen production, strengthening your skin‘s connective tissues.